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Carlo Biagi KiDZ Collection

For sample bracelet ideas click on this link: Sample Bracelet Gallery.

Carlo Biagi KiDZ Jewelry collection is also a modular jewelry lines. Their products are interchangeable and collectible charm and bead products.  Carlo Biagi, known for their quality adult jewelry, has also developed a beautiful line of KIDZ jewelry. Just like the adult jewelry you can design these bracelets with thousands of combinations to reflect personal style.  There are over 200 children’s beads with new beads being introduced all of the time culminating into one of the largest kid’s collections.

Carlo Biagi guarantees strict quality control and the authenticity of every item we sell. Skilled craftsman, with decades of experience, assure you that our handmade collection of jewelry is based on our old family tradition of quality.All items are manufactured using the highest quality materials, including; gold, sterling silver, and cubic zirconia. Years of experienced and skilled craftsman gives us a unique opportunity to create new designs. All symbols are handmade with the highest quality of materials available anywhere in the world.

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